Proud Grandma Hand-Stamped, Customizable Keychain

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Your grandkids are the joy and light of your life. They LOVE spending time with you, and you hate it when they leave. This keychain lets you take your grandkids with you where ever you go.

The disc and washers are hand-stamped using individual stamping tools, so letters may not be perfectly aligned and spacing may vary which adds to the charm.

Adding yet another touch of flair, the finished item will be shipped in a gift box stamped with a heart.

Enter your grandma nickname in the top box (up to 7 characters), and the year you became a proud grandma. Enter your grandkid’s names in the bottom box.

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Price $34.95

You will receive:

  • one 1″ lightly hammered hand stamped copper disc
  • four 3/4″ hand stamped metal hardware washers
  • one 1 1/4″ steel split key ring

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